Important Game Info

Alright, so neither of the RPGs that I’m using as a basis for gameplay are meant for use in space-like scenarios, so I had to change some things.

The base game: D&D 5th edition
I will implement a system of stunts, like the one found in Dragon Age RPG. This stunt system is currently going to be that you get something nice for getting a total over 20. If anyone has a better idea as to how this mechanic should work, offer up the idea.
Ship combat and such will probably be borrowed by one of Doug’s space games that I’m yet to see.

You can’t be chaotic evil. That’s my biggest restriction that I can think of right now
We’ll probably end up using D&D 5th character sheets, and write notes on other papers unless I can figure out how to easily edit the sheet’s layout.

Skill Changes:
Animal Handling = Piloting
Arcana = Machina
Religion = Culture (slightly more inclusive)

Humans: do I really need to explain humans that much?
Lithics: equivalent to the dwarves, in short
Eridians: Elf replacement
Un ’Goy: Halflings
Cephalopods: Orcs
Most or all races can have a robotic or cyborgic variant.

Bounty Hunter: Ranger
Bruiser: Barbarian
Gladiator: Monk/Bard
Mercenary: Fighter
Mechanists: Magic users. There are some different types (I only have one at the moment, it’s called the Mechon, and it’s replacing the Warlock)
Monad: Clerics/Monks
Officer/Soldier: Paladin
Rogue (want cooler name)

Important Game Info

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